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Vehicle Scams

GoSet is your best solution for selling and buying vehicles. When it comes to selling and buying online, being careful is the most important thing. Here in GoSet we made a list of points that you must consider when buying a used vehicle.

Get a vehicle Inspection

Inspection before buying is a mandatory point if you are to buy a used vehicle. Pre-Purchase Inspection Tests are offered by nearly all auto repair shops. A professional used-car pre-purchase inspection verifies all components of the car are working, reveals obscure defects in its body, frame, and engine, and establishes its general condition. More than that, it increases your familiarity with the car and helps to build confidence in your purchase If a seller is reluctant to let you have the car independently inspected (a sales manager may cite insurance restrictions, for example), it is a sign he is hiding something. Be cautious.

Test Driving

Test drives are an important part of the car buying experience. However, if at any time you are uncomfortable about the situation, don’t be afraid to walk away.
When test driving a vehicle, make sure to let someone know where you’re going and who the test drive is with. If you can, bring a friend or family member with you.
When selling a vehicle, ask the buyer for their driving license and proof of insurance. If it all checks out, accompany the buyers on the test drive. Let someone else know who you’re driving with and when you’ll be back

Vehicle History Check

Although GoSet does not offer a preliminary history check, it’s advised to run one yourself so that you can see and verify all the details about a vehicle.

Be Cautious of Escrow Services

At GoSet, we do not offer escrow services of any kind. If a seller claims that their vehicle is in escrow with us, this is a scam. Contact us right away and do not transfer any money. If they are sending you invoices or PayPal emails claiming to be escrow service, know that these are not legitimate.
Do you have more questions about buying a used car? Visit our tips and advice about purchasing a vehicle on GoSet.

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Top 8 Tips for buying a used car in Canada and United States of America

Buying your first car? Searching for a car for your family use? You are in the correct place to find your dream car from GoSet listings. With GoSet you will be able to find the best car for a great price in no time. Before starting your journey to a new vehicle here are 8 golden tips for buying a used car.

1.Determine your budget

Be smart enough to decide how much money you can spend on your vehicle. Decide a budget that will not compromise your financial stability

2.Pick the ideal vehicle that suits your lifestyle

Deciding the vehicle, you should buy solely depend on your personal preferences and budget. Consider which features are necessities and which luxuries you expect from your vehicle. Make/model, manufacturing year, fuel consumption, size, Price are key points to consider.
GoSet provides the right flatform for you to search unique features and specification to finalize your dream vehicle

3.Do some research

GoSet is the best place to research about which cars fall between your search criteria. Select the ones to satisfy your needs most. Also use the internet to read reviews, user experiences.

4.Ask the right questions

Whether it’s a phone call or a meeting with the seller/dealer, plan which questions to ask. Make a list of questions to cover things like the condition of the car, how it was maintained and problems/issues with the car.

5.Inspect the car thoroughly

Inspect the exterior and interior of the car carefully. Get an estimation of how it looks and feel. If possible, get feedback from a friend. Check everything is functioning well and in great shape.

6.Take for a test drive/Pre-purchase inspection

Get behind the wheels of the car and feel how its handles. You’ll be able to figure out most of the issues if there’s any. Getting a pre-purchase inspection is the best way to know the conditions of the mechanics, cosmetics and safety of the car.

7.Purchase the CARFAX Canada vehicle report

CARFAX Canada vehicle report will give you the important details about the history of the car. This info will be useful to make an informed purchase decision

8.Settle on a price and Finalize the Sale

Negotiate with the seller/dealer to find out the best price suite both parties. If you are buying through a dealer, they will guide you through the legal processes associated. But if you are buying from a private seller make sure to follow local legal regulations

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8 Tips to follow when selling a house in Canada and United States

Selling your home without a plan will end up costing you emotionally and economically. By far the most important things to remember is that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The time you take initially to arrange your home for sale will prove priceless once it hits the market.
A home is oftentimes the largest asset you have. You invested a huge sum of your hard-earned money into it and the price you can raise for your home can have a significant impact on the future, including your ability to purchase your next dream home.
Read on to find out how you can get the highest possible price for your home within a reasonable timeframe without losing your mind.

1.Don’t be too Emotionally Attached

Are you still emotionally attached to the house you are selling? This may be true for you but you need to start thinking like a business person selling a house rather than thinking you are selling your home. Then you can see what you can improve in the process of selling your house.

2.Proper advertising

It is very important to advertise your property in detail. GoSet.ca provides a great platform for you to advertise key components and features of your house.
These are some unique and essential key features to advertise about your property.
Lot size and living area size details,
Each room/unit details such as how may rooms/units, dimensions, flooring etc
Year of construction and financial details
Property features, such as water front, fireplace, garage, heating, renovation and upgrades etc.
360 view Video and pictures
Detailed description

Where you advertise the property decides how many buyers you get.

3.Posting good photos.

You have decided to advertise but if you do not use good photos you will miss many potential buyers. Many buyers go through the photos and short list the properties they want to visit. So this is your chance to attract people to your property. It is good to hire a photographer to help you with rather than posting some unimpressive photos.
Good photos should be and clear and showcase your home’s best assets. They should be taken under the natural light. Consider using a wide-angle lens if possible—this allows your potential buyers to get a better idea of what entire rooms look like

4.Setting a realistic Price

Sellers who sets unrealistic prices for their properties are increasingly finding that, together with more show days, their properties are sitting on the market for longer periods of time. Also you are turning away some serious buyers.

5.Stage your home

You should present your house in an attractive way to your potential buyers. Remove whatever items you plan to take with you. This includes lighting fixtures, window treatments and any other items you do not plan to include in the sale of the property. Doing so will also help in staging the home for buyers.
Open up the blinds and shades and let the light in from every window available. Bright, sunny rooms helps in selling houses than dark, dingy rooms.

6.Do not Hide Major Problems

Is there a major problem with your property? Any problem will be uncovered during the buyer's inspection. You have two options to deal with any issues. Either fix the problem ahead of time or price the property below market value to compensate for it. Alternatively, you can list the property at a normal price and offer the buyer a credit to fix the problem.
If you don't fix the problem in advance, you may miss the buyers who would not like to do a renovation. Many states in US have disclosure rules requiring sellers to disclose known problems about their homes if buyers ask directly, while others decree that sellers must voluntarily disclose certain issues

7.Selling to Unqualified Buyers

It's more than reasonable to expect a buyer to bring a pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender or proof of funds for cash purchases to show they have the money to buy the home. Signing a contract with a buyer is contingent on the sale of their own property, which may put you in a serious bind if you need to close by a particular date.

8.Arrange Showtimes

Arrange steady convenient times, including both weekdays & weekends, when the house can be shown to buyers. Make your home available for open houses. Maintain the cleanliness of your home, inside and out, on a daily basis. Keep promotional flyers showcasing the house on the kitchen counter for all buyers.
Make sure you prepare mentally and financially for less-than-ideal scenarios even if you make don't make any of these mistakes. The house may sit on the market for far longer than you expect, especially in a declining market. If you can't find a buyer in time, you may end up trying to pay two mortgages, having to rent your home out until you can find a buyer, or in dire situations, in foreclosure. However, if you avoid the costly mistakes listed here, you'll be a long way toward putting your best foot forward and achieving that seamless, lucrative sale every home seller hopes for.

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